For more than 19 years, Chris has been passionate about achieving better results for his clients—results that go beyond expectations and are uniquely tailored to their projects.

Having 19 years experience as a fixed-wing aircraft commercial pilot and aerial photographer in Perth WA, Chris and his team would be proud to offer you and your clients the most competitive prices along with the highest level of image quality, reliability and integrity.

Using a light aircraft exclusively we can access any location at any time during daylight hours, shooting close-up and wide shots at various angles, including obliques and verticals.

We provide better details and definition in a wider range of heights, angles and perspective.

Being entirely dedicated to aerial photography on a full-time basis, we are dedicated to helping our clients meet tight deadlines and strive to supply clear and sunny images.

The processed images can usually be obtained within 24 hours (if required, and depending on weather and airways clearances).

The operations are conducted at all times in accordance with strict regulations set out by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) under a valid AOC (Air Operator Certificate).

Please do not hesitate to contact us today should you require a quote or simply more information about getting some beautiful aerial pictures of your projects.

Why Contrail Digital

360 degrees views, oblique and vertical, multiple angles and heights.

A minimum of 10 high resolution photos per shoot.

High Quality professional full frame DSLR cameras.

Pro lenses with unparalleled extreme quality optics.

Access to any location within the Perth Metropolitan Area and Western Australia.

Delivered within 24 hours
(subject to weather and airways clearances).

Over 18 Years experience in piloting as a specialised aerial photographer in Perth, WA.

Western Australian fully owned and operated.

CASA Approved – Operations conducted under a valid Air Operator Certificate.

The Difference

All photos are taken on high quality equipment including full-frame Canon cameras.

We use multiple Canon professional line lenses and deliver high resolution extreme quality RAW and JPG images for your project.

We take images at different angles and heights from low level (called “cherry-picker” or “drone” shots)
up to 10,000 feet (called “breathtaking” shots).

Reuse an image on multiple projects and zoom to a level that suits you.

We give fast turn-around time to meet your deadline.

Our Clients

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