Proper aerial photography, from an actual aeroplane, has extensive uses and advantages.

We can help sell your property by using stunning aerial photographs.

NEW! We can provide you with animated videos!  Check our demo here…

Pictures are worth MORE than a thousand words!

Showing your property in a this unique and exclusive way will raise your listing over other properties.

Only aerial photography taken from a fixed wing aircraft can achieve the range of angles required.  It will show the location and size of land, the access to major roads and facilities, while high quality close-up shots will achieve exceptional reactions.

Using a light aircraft, we guarantee we will provide all around views (360 degrees) of your property at different heights, enabling you and your clients to get a unique perspective for your project and marketing.

We will take oblique aerial photographs at an angle showing the horizon as well as near vertical looking straight down, capturing the site from directly overhead.

On completion of a flight, we will process all your images, assessing them and ensuring they are strikingly clear, colourful and sharp, using our 18 years experience in the specialised field of aerial photography.

We provide the images (generally between 10 and 20) via a download link, with no restriction on time or uses.
We can also produce and deliver them on various types of media (CD, DVD, USB thumb drives).

While we will make sure and execute the shots and angles as per your requests, we will often add a few extra angles at no extra cost, just because “it looked so good from up there”!

We can provide you with regular updates for your building or renovating reports, with images showing the progress.

Our customers are real estate agents, owners, building companies, resorts, hotels, golf courses, schools, public and government works.
We are also used for reports and studies, special events and transport planning.

Residential Aerial Photography

Use us to showcase the entire property and land.
We capture the boundary lines, layout and features.
We include the surrounding area and proximity to amenities (schools, shopping, transports, medical centres, playgrounds, sports areas).

Commercial Aerial Photography

Use us to showcase the entire land and buildings to potential investors.
Aerial photography is used for promotional campaigns on brochures, website, presentations, e-mails and will visually appeal to customers.
It provides you with an incomparable way to attract your clients’ awareness, boosting lease potential and sales.

Development/Construction Photography

Aerial photography brings a unique visual aspect to a project.
Use it for logistic, design, preparation and planning.
With high resolution photos you get near actual time information on works advancement and progress.
Document visually the construction and development before, during and after your project’s completion.

The Difference

All photos are taken on high quality equipment including full-frame Canon cameras.

We use multiple Canon professional line lenses and deliver high resolution extreme quality RAW and JPG images for your project.

We take images at different angles and heights from low level (called “cherry-picker” or “drone” shots)
up to 10,000 feet (called “breathtaking” shots).

Reuse an image on multiple projects and zoom to a level that suits you.

We give fast turn-around time to meet your deadline.

Our Clients

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